The History of the BE&S

Many years ago, in the icy north, the BE&S was birthed like a phoenix from the ashes of bands like By a Thread, Strain, and Trial.  We came together as valiant survivors of these stalwart musical warrior clans and began dreaming of a day when we could be a band too.

We are on a roll. We finally started playing shows after more than a decade as a band. Then we launched a full European tour in the summer of 2013. We are moving quickly, yes, but worry not: we are hydrating adequately and have excellent support networks to get us through the lonely times.

A new record will come your way within the next year.

Rare photos from the Rainfest set are here. Videos and photos from Europe are around the site or on YouTube. Search for “Between Earth & Sky Prague” for a particularly kickass show.

PPS: You will die.  We all will.  This is tragic and overwhelmingly terrifying.  The members of BE&S simultaneously hate and embrace death.  Its a confusing place to be.  We’re doing our best to translate the resulting anxiety into hardcore songs that we think are reflective of that thought process.  We hope you like them. Check out our webstore for music and other purchasables.