Current news

Look at us! You can do that here…from our show Laughing Horse Books, in Portland, Oregon on Sat Oct 19th. 2013.

Between Earth & Sky – 10/19/13 from Burning Hearts Media and Nick Gattman on Vimeo.



The podcast is ongoing! Its recorded by two of our more oral members, so to speak. It is called Between Mirth & Die, and we post episodes often both on (search “mirthdie”) and also on this obscure website/thing called “iTunes”. You can listen here to ALL our episodes HERE! DO IT! DO IT NOW!

ALSO: We have twelve demos recorded for what will be a full length musical consumable.  All that remains now is the lyric writing process and refinement of said songs.  Stay tuned.

AND IN ADDITION: We played a handful of Canadian and US dates in the northwest this fall (2013) and are now taking some time to write and eat.

Our summer 2013 = Euro tour was amazing, in honor of the 20th anniversary of our friends Refuse Records from Berlin/Warsaw.  And no, that’s not one city.  Its two.  They reside in both alternately, clever little devils.

Want to see a show? We have a time machine. We built it just for you. Here, lets go to Prague this past summer and watch the band: